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All things related to ABA insurance billing/claims processing, credentialing/contracting and audits.

deciding between outsourced billing for ABA providers and keeping the billing in-house, a person stands at the crossroads

Comparing In-House vs Outsourced Billing for ABA Providers: Maximizing Returns for BCBAs

An important question ABA clinic owners have to consider is about the best approach to handling insurance billing: “Should I manage billing in-house or outsource it?”  This is a valid question as both in-house and outsourced billing for ABA providers have their own advantages and disadvantages. As Tony Robbins famously said, “Where focus goes, energy…

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be ready for your aba insurance audit

Be Ready for Your ABA Insurance Audit: Key Tips

Navigating ABA insurance audits requires meticulous preparation and ongoing vigilance in billing practices. This guide outlines essential strategies to ensure compliance, enhance billing accuracy, and streamline the audit process for ABA providers. It highlights the importance of understanding audit triggers, maintaining thorough documentation, and adopting proactive measures to support audit readiness. 5 Key Insights Discussed…

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aba clinic owner mastering aba billing codes

Mastering ABA Billing Codes: Your Essential Guide

ABA billing coding can be confusing! In this guide you will get an in-depth overview of ABA therapy billing codes, including Category I and III codes, the use of modifiers, and specific codes for assessment and treatment. We’ll emphasize the importance of understanding and accurately applying these codes for effective ABA billing and reimbursement. Key…

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What Is ABA Credentialing: A Complete Guide for ABA Providers

This guide on ABA credentialing is essential for ABA clinic owners, focusing on the process to verify the qualifications of Applied Behavior Analysis practitioners. The guide also details the necessary requirements, the benefits of obtaining credentials, and the procedural steps, offering a comprehensive roadmap for clinic owners aiming to elevate their practice’s standards and credibility.…

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